Form 1099 - IRS Information Returns

We support the Form 1099 (MISC & R) State Filing for Louisiana as part of CF/SF program

Louisiana may require 1099 forms to be submitted to the state.

Form 1099-MISCForm 1099-INTForm 1099-DIVForm 1099-R

Due Dates:

Electronic FilingJanuary 31st

Transmittal Letter /Reconciliation Report:

Not Applicable

Form 1099 MISC is required to be filed only in cases where the payment made meet all of the following conditions:

a. The payment amounts to $1,000 or more;

b. The payment is made to a non-resident of Louisiana; and,

c. The payment is for rents or royalties from properties located in Louisiana.

However, a record of payments to residents should be maintained in the event the Department has a need to review them.

Louisiana does not participate in the CF/SF Program. If you withheld tax, you will need to file the 1099 form directly with the Department of Revenue.

Paper copies of Form 1099 MISC should be mailed to:

Louisiana Department of Revenue

P. O. Box 201

Baton Rouge, LA 70821-0201


E-file at:

What Is The User Responsible For?

If you withheld tax, you will need to file your 1099 directly with the state.