Form W-2 - Wage and Tax Statements

We support the Form W-2 State Filing for Louisiana

Louisiana requires Form W-2 and W-2c to be submitted to the state

Due Date:

Electronic FilingJanuary 31st

Transmittal Letter/Reconciliation Report:

Form L-3 – Transmitter Report for Filing LA Wage Statements. Form L-3 serves a dual purpose and no payment should accompany it when filed. First, it is a reconciliation of the total amount of withheld income tax reported to the total withheld income tax that was listed on the withholding statements. Second, it serves as a transmittal for the Department’s copy of the withholding statement. No payment is required with this report.

What is The User Responsible For?

Nothing, if you are filing electronically with ExpressIRSForms!

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