Form W-2 - Wage and Tax Statements

We support the Form W-2 State Filing for Michigan

Michigan requires both Form W-2 and W-2c to be submitted.

Due Dates:

Electronic FilingFebruary 28th

Reconciliation Report:

Michigan requires the Annual Reconciliation Form 5081 to be submitted along with the filing of W-2.

Note : The Michigan Department of Treasury requires employers with 250 or more Michigan employees to file MI-W-2 information on 3480 and 3490 cartridge or CD. Smaller employers are encouraged to use magnetic media, but may file using the state copy of the federal W-2.

W-2 reports are due February 28th. Late filing is subject to penalty as provided under the Revenue Act. Do not enclose your annual return with your W-2 report. Mail your annual return to the address on that form. Do not duplicate on paper forms any information filed on magnetic media.

Transmittal Report:

Form 447 - Transmittal for Magnetic Media Reporting of W-2s to the State of Michigan. W-2s cannot be submitted electronically through Michigan Treasury Online with the annual return.

What Is The User Responsible For?

You will need to file the Annual Reconciliation Form 5081 directly with the state of Michigan.

Postal Mailing Address:

If you are including payment, mail to:

Michigan Department of Treasury,

Department 77003

Detroit, MI 48277-0003

If you are not including payment, mail to:

Michigan Department of Treasury,

Lansing, MI 48930

Magnetic media reporting. Address your magnetic media to:

Michigan Department of Treasury,

Return Processing Division

Magnetic Medit Unit - SUW

Lansing, MI 48930