Form W-2 - Wage and Tax Statements

We support the Form W-2 State Filing for Missouri

Missouri requires both Form W-2 and W-2c to be submitted.

Due Dates:

Electronic FilingFebruary 28th

Reconciliation Report:

Form MO-W-3 – If there is no tax due, send in the Annual Transmittal Form MO-W-3. Do not send payment with this form.

Form MO-941 - If there is withholding tax due, send in the MO-941 Form, Employer's Return of Income Taxes Withheld.

Missouri only accepts CD filings at this time. Send the Transmittal of Tax Statements (Form MO W-3), copies of all Forms W-2(s), the compact disc, or flash drive on or before the last day of February, after all of your withholding tax returns have been filed.

What Is The User Responsible For?

You will need to file the Annual Transmittal Form MO-W-3/MO-941 directly with the state of Missouri.

Postal Mailing Address:

Taxation Division,

P.O. Box 3375,

Jefferson City, MO 65105-3375,

Phone Number: (573)751-8750