Form 1099 - IRS Information Returns

Pennsylvania requires 1099 Forms (MISC, R) to be submitted to the state.

Form 1099-MISCForm 1099-INTForm 1099-DIVForm 1099-R

Due Dates:

Electronic FilingJanuary 31st

Transmittal Letter/Reconciliation Report:

Pennsylvania requires the Transmittal Form REV-1667 to be submitted along with the 1099 filing. The employers are required to file electronically or magnetically. All media sent on CD’s that contain multiple accounts must be accompanied by a detailed listing of the accounts, entity id’s and total compensation and total tax withheld. The media and listing should be formatted in numeric order, failure to do so could delay processing.

CD Mailing Address




PO BOX 280904

HARRISBURG PA 17128-0904

The Department of Revenue does NOT require the submission of most 1099's for individual personal income tax purposes, unless there is PA income tax withheld.

Pennsylvania only requires those who issue 1099-Rs and 1099-M’s to provide copies to the state and should be filed electronically. For Pennsylvania personal income tax purposes, the department requires those who issue 1099-Rs and 1099-M’s to file them by Jan. 31. If they do not have withholding, they should not be reported through e-TIDES, Mag Media, or any other form of digital media.

Guidelines on 1099-R filing

Forms 1099R showing zero Pennsylvania withholding do not need to be submitted by the entity that has issued them. However, the department reserves the right to request this information.

1099 Misc

If you are mailing paper forms, please mail them to

PA Department of Revenue

P.O. Box 280412

Harrisburg, PA 17128-0412

What Is The User Responsible For?

Be sure to file the state copy of your 1099 and the Transmittal Form REV-1667 with Pennsylvania.