Which ACA Forms can I correct?

Corrections may be filed for the following form types:

You can make a correction to any of these ACA Forms when the IRS notifies you of, or when you identify, one or more errors on the transmittal (1094-C) or information returns (1095-B or 1095-C) you filed.

*Of the transmittal forms, Form 1094-B and Form 1094-C, only Form 1094-C has additional information that may require corrections. Form 1094-B is purely a transmittal document, and would therefore not require any correcting. You may submit a correction to Form 1094-C alone when only your Form 1094-C needs correcting. Otherwise, Form 1094-C must be submitted with one or more 1095-C forms.

What can I correct on Form 1094-C?

  • The name and/or EIN of the ALE Member or Designated Government Entity
  • Total number of 1095-C forms filed by and/or on behalf of ALE member
  • Aggregated Group Membership and/or Indicator
  • Certifications of Eligibility
  • Minimum Essential Coverage Indicator
  • Full-Time Employee Count for ALE Member
  • Section 4980H Transition Relief Indicator

What can I correct on Form 1095-C?

  • Employer EIN
  • Employee name and SSN
  • Offer of Coverage
  • Premium Amount
  • Safe Harbor and other Relief Codes

How to File Your ACA Correction Form with ExpressIRSForms?

In addition to e-filing your ACA forms, you can also make corrections to them through ExpressIRSForms. You can
e-file ACA Correction online quickly and easily with ExpressIRSForms in Minutes. Our ACA software will automatically generate the transmittal Form for your record. And Transmittal Form is not required by the SSA when you choose to efile your ACA correction Form.

Steps to E-file ACA Correction Form with ExpressIRSForms:

  • Sign into your ExpressIRSForms account
  • Edit employee/recipient details
  • Review your Correction
  • Pay & Transmit Form to the IRS
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