An Introduction to W2 Form State Filings

W-2 Form, Wage and Tax Statement, is where employers report employees’ annual earnings and taxes withheld at the end of each year. The employer is required to send a copy of the completed W-2 to the SSA, the employees, and possibly any states for whom state taxes were withheld. Those employers filing over 250 forms to the SSA must file W2 forms online.

How do I file my W-2s with my state?

Depending on the state, you may be required to file with additional information, electronically, or not at all. No two states are the same.

Am I required to file my W-2s with my 1099s to my state?

Some states required that Form W-2 and 1099 to be submitted using the same type of form but with different copies to differentiate between the submissions. Some states allow for all form filing in one submission, and some states have different forms for submitting W-2s and 1099s.

S.NoState NameFiling Due DateForms Required by the State
1AlabamaJanuary 31Form W-2
3 ArizonaJanuary 31Form W-2
4 ArkansasJanuary 31Form W-2
5 CaliforniaNoneNone
6 ColoradoJanuary 31Form W-2
7 ConnecticutJanuary 31Form W-2
8 DelawareJanuary 31Form W-2
9 District of ColumbiaJanuary 31Form W-2
10 FloridaNoneNone
11 GeorgiaJanuary 31Form W-2
12 HawaiiFebruary 28Form W-2
13 IdahoJanuary 31Form W-2
14 IllinoisFebruary 15Form W-2
15 IndianaJanuary 31Form W-2
16 IowaJanuary 31Form W-2
17 KansasJanuary 31Form W-2
18 KentuckyJanuary 31Form W-2
19 LouisianaJanuary 31Form W-2
20 MaineJanuary 31Form W-2
21 MarylandJanuary 31Form W-2
22 MassachusettsJanuary 31Form W-2
23 MichiganFebruary 28Form W-2
24 MinnesotaJanuary 31Form W-2
25 MississippiJanuary 31Form W-2
26 MissouriJanuary 31Form W-2
27 MontanaJanuary 31Form W-2
28 NebraskaJanuary 31Form W-2
29 NevadaNoneNone
30New HampshireNoneNone
31New JerseyFebruary 28Form W-2
32New MexicoFebruary 28Form W-2
33 New YorkNoneNone
34 North CarolinaJanuary 31Form W-2
35 North DakotaJanuary 31Form W-2
36 OhioJanuary 31Form W-2
37OklahomaFebruary 28Form W-2
38 OregonJanuary 31Form W-2
39 PennsylvaniaJanuary 31Form W-2
40 Rhode IslandJanuary 31Form W-2
41 South CarolinaJanuary 31Form W-2
42 South DakotaNoneNone
43 TennesseeNoneNone
44 TexasNoneNone
45 UtahJanuary 31Form W-2
46 VermontJanuary 31Form W-2
47VirginiaJanuary 31Form W-2
48 WashingtonNoneNone
49 West VirginiaFebruary 28Form W-2
50 WisconsinJanuary 31Form W-2
51 Wyoming NoneNone