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Getting Started

If you need to request a W-9 be filled out and signed by a new employee or contractor, you can do so securely and easily by signing in or creating a free account with

Setting Up a Payer

From the Dashboard of your account, click "Start New Form" to begin entering in your payer information. For this, you'll need the payer's name, TIN/EIN, address, and contact information.

Sending Your Request

The next step is entering the name ane email address of the people from whom you need completed W-9 forms. You can enter this information manually or select contacts from your Address Book.

Reviewing Your Forms

You can access a summary of the W-9 forms you've requested from the "Summary of W-9 Forms" page of your account. You can view the status of each form and review or resend a request all from this page as well.

Completing Form W-9

If you've received a request from someone for whom you did work to complete a W-9, you'll need to follow the link to access the form. From there, you'll enter your full name on the first line as it appears on your federal tax return. Then, fill out the rest of the requested information (tax classification, address, SSN) and electronically sign and submit your W-9.

You have the option to reject any requested W-9 at any time before e-signing and submitting. You can also download a copy of the W-9 you completed to keep for your personal records.

Once the W-9 Form you requested has been completed and e-signed, the status of the form will change to "Signed" in your account. You can review and accept each W-9 as they update. Once you've accepted a W-9, you can click "Update to Address Book" to update your contact's entry to match the new information you have on the W-9. You can also download a PDF of your W-9 forms at any time through your account.

Ready to e-Sign Form W-9?