What is IRS W3c Form?

Form W-3c is the transmittal of W-2c Forms (Corrected Wage and Tax Statements). Form W-3c is submitted with Form W-2c in most situations when you’re paper filing with the SSA. It provides a summary of the data found in the W-2c Form(s) accompanying it.

Note: Form W-3c needs to be submitted as soon as possible with Form W-2c after an error is discovered.

How to File Form W-3c for 2023

Form W-3c must be filed whenever you paper file W-2c Forms with the SSA. Form W-3c is the transmittal form for Form W-2c and both are due January 31, 2024.

E-filing Form W-3c

When you e-file Form W-2c, there’s no need to file Form W-3c, as it’s generated automatically. The SSA recommends e-filing your W-2c Form(s) since e-filing is faster and more efficient. Of course, the most efficient way to e-file your W-2c Forms is with ExpressIRSForms; we’re an IRS-authorized e-filing agent and we’ve made it our goal to make your filing easier than ever!

Paper Filing Form W-3c

Forms W-2c and W-3c may be paper filed with the SSA. If you send them by the U.S. Postal Service, mail the forms to:

Social Security Administration
Data Operations Center
P.O. Box 3333
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18767-3333

If you use a carrier other than the USPS, mail Forms W-2c and W-3c to:

Social Security Administration
Data Operations Center
Attn: W-3c Process
1150 E. Mountain Drive
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702-7997

For a list of IRS-designated private delivery services, see Publication 15 (Circular E), p. 6.

What information is required to file Form W-3c?

Form W-3c, as the transmittal copy for Form W-2c, requires the following information to be filed with the SSA:

  • Corrected employer details (name, EIN, address, employee code, employer type)
  • Corrected federal wage and tax amounts
  • Corrected state wage and tax amounts
  • Total number of accompanying W-2c Forms
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