When to Correct Your 1099 Forms

If your 1099 Forms contain any errors, like incorrect tax amounts, codes, payees, TINs, or addresses, then they need to be corrected. The corrections should be made as soon as you notice the error and when the form is
accepted by the IRS.

How to E-file IRS 1099 Correction Form with ExpressIRSForms?

Form 1099 can most easily be corrected by e-filing. And with ExpressIRSForms, it’s even easier to e-file Type 1 and
Type 2 Form 1099 errors, even if you didn’t file your original forms with us!

  • To get started, create or log into your ExpressIRSForms account.
  • From the Dashboard, select “Start New Form” then “1099 Corrections.”
  • Select whether you originally filed with us or with another service provider.
  • Enter previously reported and corrected 1099 information.
  • Once you’ve reviewed everything, you can pay and securely transmit your corrections to the IRS.

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Types of Errors

1099 Correction Forms can be used to fix two types of errors:

  • Type 1: Incorrect tax amount(s), code, or checkbox.
  • Type 2: Missing/incorrect payee TIN, incorrect name or address, or the return was filed on the wrong form.

At ExpressIRSForms, you can e-file 1099 Correction Forms for Type 1 and Type 2 errors of Form 1099 whether you
filed your original 1099s with us or with another CPA or e-file provider!

Form 1099 Correction Penalties

If you fail to file a corrected return when required and cannot show reasonable cause for not doing so, you may incur 1099 Correction Penalties. These penalties apply if you fail to include all correct information, if you paper file when you’re required to e-file 1099, or if you fail to file paper forms that are machine readable.

Our Exclusive Features

  • Correct 1099 returns filed with other providers
  • Print & mail your recipient copies
  • Access your form copies anywhere, anytime
  • Autogenerate Form 1096
  • US Based Support

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