Form 1095-C: An Overview

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires applicable large employers (ALEs) to offer health insurance coverage to their full-time employees and must report doing so under Section 6056. An employer is considered an ALE if it has at least 50 full-time or full-time equivalent employees. Form 1095-C is the annual statement employers use to report to the IRS about the insurance offered to the employer's employees. Employers must also furnish a copy 1095-C Form to their employees to describe the insurance they were offered.

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When to File 1095-C Forms?

The following are the due dates for filing and distributing Form 1095-C for Tax Year 2022:

  • Recipient Copy Deadline: March 04, 2024
  • Paper Filing Deadline: February 28, 2024
  • E-filing Deadline: April 01, 2024

Visit to know more about the 2023 Form 1095-C deadline.

Brokers must file or e-file Form 1099-B for each person for whom they have sold stocks, commodities, regulated futures contracts, forward contracts, foreign currency contracts, options, debut instruments, or securities futures contracts for cash.

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Information Required to Complete Form 1095-C

The following basic information is needed to complete Form 1095-C whether you're paper filing or e-filing:

  • Employer (ALE) details (EIN, name, address, telephone number)
  • Employee details (SSN, name, address)
  • Employee offer/coverage data and 1095-C Codes.
  • Covered individual details

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How to File 1095-C Forms?

Form 1095-C can be filed with the IRS by the following methods:

  • Paper filing
  • E-filing

Paper Filing Form 1095-C

Paper filing is the most traditional and most used method of filing. It involves employers submitting IRS Form 1095-C through the mail with the help of an IRS-authorized office. At these IRS offices - usually only open during peak tax filing times - the verification process to submit 1095-C Forms is carried out manually. This can involve a lot of processing time, after which you could still end up having errors that cause your forms to be rejected.

E-filing Form 1095-C

Electronic filing, or e-filing, is the online method of filing your IRS 1095-C Forms. The IRS itself actually recommends filers choose electronic filing to submit their returns. In fact, e-filing is required for those submitting 250 or more forms as part of a return. E-filing is considered to be the safest and most secure process for transmitting your returns instantly and easily to the IRS without any errors.

You'll find all the necessary information regarding the online filing process with IRS-authorized e-file provider, ExpressIRSForms. ExpressIRSForms ensures your data is kept secure while allowing you to e-file your 1095-C Forms directly with the IRS right from your own computer. You can even print and mail your recipient copies directly from your ExpressIRSForms account!

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How to E-file IRS Form 1095-C with ExpressIRSForms

E-filing Form 1095-C with ExpressIRSForms is very easy! Simply begin by creating a free account and adding the basic employer and employee details needed to complete your 1095-C Forms. Once your data is imported, just pay and transmit your 1095-C Forms directly with the IRS.

Check out the video below to see how the Form 1095-C e-filing process is carried out with ExpressIRSForms!

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Extension Form 8809

If you need extra time to file your 1095-C Forms, you can apply for an extension using Form 8809. This extension form provides you with an automatic 30-day extension of time to file your 1095-C Forms with the IRS. File an extension form as soon as you think you may need an extension. ExpressIRSForms also supports e-filing of Form 8809 and provides almost instant approval notification for your extension. just create an account and choose to file an extension form 8809. provide the necessary information, pay, and transmit your 8809 form to the irs!

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Form 1095-C Corrections

What Should I Do If I Need to Make a Correction on Form 1095-C?

You can make corrections to submitted 1095-C Forms, which you may be notified of by the IRS. We at ExpressIRSForms support ACA Form 1095-C corrections if your return was rejected by the IRS.

Below is the information you can correct on Form 1095-C:

  • Employer EIN
  • Employee SSN
  • Employee/Recipient Name
  • Offer of Coverage
  • Premium Amount
  • Safe Harbor & Other Relief Codes
  • ALE Member's Full-Time Employee Count
  • Covered Individual Information

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Our Exclusive Features

  • Auto-Extract Data Feature from Completed 1095-C PDFs
  • Form 1095-C Corrections Supported
  • Rejected Returns Re-Transmittal Options
  • Print Center and Postal Delivery Options

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Penalties for Failing to File Form 1095-C

Employers face a penalty of $310 per 1095-C Form the employer fails to file. The total penalty will not exceed $3,783,000 for the tax year. Waivers are available when failure to report is due to a reasonable cause.

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