We've put together an extensive collection of help videos to assist you through the e-filing process of Form 1099, W-2 Forms, ACA Forms, and extension Form 8809. If you need help along the way, a video will guide you step-by-step through the specific feature within our program. We strive to make your e-filing experience as simple as possible!

1099 Forms

E-File 1099 Forms

How to E-File 1099-MISC Form?

How to E-File 1099-INT Form

How to E-File 1099-DIV Form

How to E-File 1099-R Form

W-2 Forms

How to E-File Form W-2/W-3

How to File W-2 Form

ACA Forms 1094 & 1095

How to E-File & Report ACA Form 1095-B

How to E-File & Report ACA Form 1095-C

E-filing Your Affordable Care Act Returns

What is ACA (the Affordable Care Act?)

Who Needs to File ACA Forms?

Difference Between ACA & ObamaCare?

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