When Should You File SSA Form W-2?

Form W-2 is an information return that is filed with the SSA by employers for their employees each year. In addition to filing with the SSA, employers must send copies of Form W-2 to their employees to report salary and other compensations offered throughout the year. Form W-2s should only be filed for employees and not for independent contractors.

Form W-2 2016 Tax Year Filing Deadlines:

Take note that the filing deadlines for Form W-2 have changed and are different than they were in previous years:

  • Employee Copy Deadline: January 31, 2017
  • Paper Filing Deadline: January 31, 2017
  • E-filing Deadline: January 31, 2017

How to File Your W-2 Forms?

Form W-2 can be filed one of two ways:

  • Paper Filing
  • Online Filing, or E-filing

W-2 Form Paper Filing:

Paper filing Form W-2 involves submitting your form(s) manually at an IRS office. Depending on when you visit the IRS office, you may wait in line for a considerable amount of time before even speaking with a representative who can handle your forms. Once the IRS rep finally verifies your forms by hand, the whole process has taken up much more of your time than necessary.

W-2 Form E-filing:

E-filing is the online method of filing your Form W-2. Usually when you e-file, the process can be completed in just a few moments. You can securely e-file your forms with an authorized IRS agent like ExpressIRSForms. As an IRS-authorized e-file provider, we help to easily and quickly e-file your forms directly with the IRS. If you’d like, we’ll even print and mail your employee copies for you! See for yourself how easy e-filing Form W-2 can be. Get started today!

What Information is Required to File W-2 Form?

The following details are required to file Form W-2 online:

  • Employer Details: Name, EIN, Address, Employee code, Employer type
  • Employee Details: Name, SSN, Address, Contact Details
  • Federal Wage and Tax Details
  • State Wage and Tax Details

How to Apply for a Filing Extension for W-2 Form?

If you don’t believe you’ll be able to file your Form W-2 on time, you can apply for an extension using Form 8809 manually or online. ExpressIRSForms offers fast and secure e-filing for Form 8809, which provides you with an automatic 30-day extension to file your W-2 forms.

How to Correct Errors After Filing W-2 Form?

You can make corrections to a W-2 you’ve already filed by filing wage tax correction Form W-2c. On Form W-2c, you’ll update the incorrect information (SSN, name, or address) and file the form to rectify the incorrect form. You can e-file Form W-2c with ExpressIRSForms and have your corrections filed in a few minutes! And you don’t even have to file Form W-3c, which is required when paper filing.

Rejected W-2 Forms

The Social Security Administration (SSA) will reject a W-2 Form under the following conditions:

  • Medicare wages and tips are less than the sum of social security wages and tips,
  • Social security tax is greater than zero; social security wages and tips are equal to zero, and
  • Medicare tax is greater than zero; Medicare wages and tips are equal to zero.

Additionally, Forms W-2 and W-2c for household employers will be rejected under the following conditions:

  • The sum of social security wages and tips is less than the minimum yearly earnings subject to social security and Medicare tax withholding for a household employee and The Medicare wages and tips are less than the minimum yearly earnings subject to social security and Medicare tax withholding for a household employee.

If you e-filed or paper filed and your Form W-2 or Form W-2c was rejected, the SSA will notify you by email or postal mail to correct the report and resubmit it.

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W-2 Form Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you support all states for W-2 filing?

Not yet! Currently, ExpressIRSForms is only able to support e-filing for 37 states, but we’re working every day to add more!