When Should You File SSA Form W-2?

Form W-2 is an information return that is filed with the SSA by employers for their employees each year. In addition to filing with the SSA, employers must send copies of Form W-2 to their employees to report salary and other compensations offered throughout the year. Form W-2s should only be filed for employees and not for independent contractors.

Form W-2 2017 Tax Year Filing Deadlines:

Take note that the filing deadlines for Form W-2 have changed and are different than they were in previous years:

  • Employee Copy Deadline: January 31, 2018
  • Paper Filing Deadline: January 31, 2018
  • E-filing Deadline: January 31, 2018

How to File Your W-2 Forms?

Form W-2 can be filed one of two ways:

  • Online Filing, or E-filing
  • Paper Filing

W-2 Form E-filing:

E-filing is the online method of filing your Form W-2. Usually when you e-file W-2, the process can be completed in just a few moments. You can securely e-file your forms with an authorized IRS agent like ExpressIRSForms. As an IRS-authorized e-file provider, we help to easily and quickly e-file your forms directly with the IRS. If you’d like, we’ll even print and mail your employee copies for you! See for yourself how easy e-filing Form W-2 can be. Get started today!

Steps to E-file Form W-2

W-2 Form Paper Filing:

Paper filing Form W-2 involves submitting your form(s) manually at an IRS office. Depending on when you visit the IRS office, you may wait in line for a considerable amount of time before even speaking with a representative who can handle your forms. Once the IRS rep finally verifies your forms by hand, the whole process has taken up much more of your time than necessary.

What Information is Required to File W-2 Form?

The following details are required to file Form W-2 online:

  • Employer Details: Name, EIN, Address, Employee code, Employer type
  • Employee Details: Name, SSN, Address, Contact Details
  • Federal Wage and Tax Details
  • State Wage and Tax Details

How to Correct Errors After Filing W-2 Form?

You can make corrections to a W-2 you’ve already filed by filing wage tax correction Form W-2c. On Form W-2c, you’ll update the incorrect information (SSN, name, or address) and file the form to rectify the incorrect form. You can e-file Form W-2c with ExpressIRSForms and have your corrections filed in a few minutes! And you don’t even have to file Form W-3c, which is required when paper filing.

Rejected W-2 Forms

The Social Security Administration (SSA) will reject a W-2 Form under the following conditions:

  • Medicare wages and tips are less than the sum of social security wages and tips,
  • Social security tax is greater than zero; social security wages and tips are equal to zero, and
  • Medicare tax is greater than zero; Medicare wages and tips are equal to zero.

Additionally, Forms W-2 and W-2c for household employers will be rejected under the following conditions:

  • The sum of social security wages and tips is less than the minimum yearly earnings subject to social security and Medicare tax withholding for a household employee and The Medicare wages and tips are less than the minimum yearly earnings subject to social security and Medicare tax withholding for a household employee.

If you e-filed or paper filed and your Form W-2 or Form W-2c was rejected, the SSA will notify you by email or postal mail to correct the report and resubmit it.

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