Void and Corrected in Form 1095-B


Void & Corrected in Form 1095-B

Reason for Void:
A Form 1095-B was sent to the IRS for an employee who was subsequently found to have been ineligible for coverage.

How to Correct:
If you’ve already filed a Form 1095-B and realize you need to make a correction, you must file a corrected, complete Form 1095-B and mark an “X” in the CORRECTED checkbox. Form 1094-B will need to be filed with your corrected 1095-B form(s). Likewise, you’ll need to send a copy of the corrected Form 1095-B to the individual who received the original one.

Only mark the CORRECTED checkbox on Form 1095-B if the form you’re correcting has already been filed with the IRS. If the incorrect Form 1095-B was only furnished to the recipient, just send the recipient a new Form 1095-B with the word CORRECTED written at the top.