Void and Corrected in Form 1095-C

Void & Corrected in Form 1095-C

used to denotre that a Form 1095-C was sent to the IRS for an employee who was subsequently found to have been ineligible for the coverage.

How to Correct:
To correct a filed Form 1095-C, file another completed Form 1095-C with the correct information and include an “X” in the CORRECTED checkbox. Form 1094-C will need to be filed with your corrected 1095-C form(s), however you do not need to mark the CORRECTED checkbox on the 1094-C.

Keep in mind that you’ll only need to mark the CORRECTED checkbox on Form 1095-C for incorrect forms that have been filed with the IRS. If you need to correct a Form 1095-C that’s only been sent to the employee, you’ll just need to send a new employee form with the word CORRECTED written on their new Form 1095-C.