ExpressIRSForms now offers Xero 1099 integration in our e-filing process. Now, all you need to do is simply import your 1099-MISC Forms for error-free, fast, and secure e-filing!

5 Simple Steps for E-filing Forms with Xero Integration-API Connect

  • Make sure you can view your entries by clicking Reports All Reports Tax Reports 1099 Report for the Payer.
  • We’ll import your 1099 payer and recipient information and you verify the data is all there.
  • Add the financial data required to report Form 1099.
  • Tax professionals filing for multiple companies can import their next client’s data by clicking Xero Connect again.
  • Verify your info, pay, and transmit!

ExpressIRSForms also offers Xero Integration using Excel, so you can upload multiple 1099-MISC Forms with an Excel spreadsheet!

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