What is IRS W-3 Form?

W3 Form is the transmittal copy of Form W-2, which provides the wage and tax statements of employees for the previous year. W-2 Form reports information like SSA wages, Medicare wages, and other withholdings while Form W-3 reports a summary of these forms and the total wages for all employees in the respective return to the SSA.

When you efile W2 Form with our Software, there is no need for you to create a W-3 Form, as ExpressIRSForms will automatically generate your W-3 Form based on the information that you provide for your W-2 Forms.

When to File W3 Form?

Deadline to File W-3 Form for 2018

The deadline for Form W-3, which should only be sent to the SSA when paper filing:

  • Deadline: January 31, 2019

Note: Form W-3 is not required when you choose to E-file your W-2 Form.

How to File W3 Form

Form W-3 should always be filed with the SSA when paper filing W-2 Forms.

E-filing Form W-3

When e-filing Form W-2 online, there’s no need to submit a copy of Form W-3. Although it doesn’t need to be filed with the SSA, when you e-file with ExpressIRSForms, we automatically generate a copy of Form W-3 for you! Once you e-file, your copy of Form W-3 will be waiting in the print center of your account for you to print and keep for your records.

Paper Filing Form W-3

Anyone paper filing Form W-2 must also file Form W-3 to transmit Copy A of each W-2 Form to the Social Security Administration (SSA). Even if you only have one W-2 Form to file, a Form W-3 is still required. There’s no reason to file Form W-3 by itself and a copy does not need to be sent with the W-2 Forms sent to your employees.

What information is required to file Form W-3 for 2018?

  • Employer details (name, EIN, address, employee code, employer type)
  • Federal wage and tax details
  • State wage and tax details
  • Total number of accompanying W-2 Forms

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