Authoritative transmittal for ALE member


Part I - Applicable Large Employer Member (ALE Member)

Line 19: Is this the authoritative transmittal for this ALE member

In Line 19, you must indicate Yes, if the Form 1094-C is the Authoritative Transmittal form for the ALE member.
On checking "Yes" on line 19, you must complete Parts II, III, and IV of Form 1094-C.

Leave Line 19 blank, If this is not the Authoritative Transmittal form, and only complete the signature portion of Form 1094-C, leaving the remainder of Part II, and Parts III and IV, blank.

Pro-tip: There can only be ONE Authoritative Transmittal filed for each employer. If there is only one 1094-C being filed for an employer's 1095-C forms, that form is identified on Line 19 as the Authoritative Transmittal. If multiple 1094-C Forms are required to file an employer group's 1095-C Forms, one of the Forms 1094-C must assume Authoritative Transmittal in Line 19 and report aggregate employer-level data.